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Accommodation and business services in Skegness.

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Car Spares

Caravan Services:
Skegness Ingoldmells & Chapel St. Leonards and Mablethorpe Caravan - Holidays - Service - Parks - Storage

Camping Locations:
Skegness - Camping locations

Care Homes:
Skegness - Care Homes - Elderly Support

Self Catering Accommodation:
Skegness Ingoldmells & Chapel St. Leonards - Self-Catering Accommodation

Hotel and Guesthouse Accommodation:
Skegness & District Hotels and Guesthouses

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About Skegness on the Internet.
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Professional Business Services Medical Services  

Skegness -Business Services

Skegness Framing
A personalised picture framing service

Hawthorne Medical Practice

Local Charities

GFS Platform, Skegness

GFS Platform, Skegness is a Registered National Charity giving support to young women aged 14-25 who are pregnant or already have children. We offer support, learning opportunities and accredited courses, together with a free OFSTED registered crèche.

We are based at:

Townsend House, 3, Saxby Avenue Skegness Lincs PE25 3JZ

Tel 01754 612424

Alive and Kicking

A leisure club for people with a learning disability based in and around Skegness

Contact Tina Mellors 07900275119 or e mail tina.mellors@aliveandkickingskegness.co.uk or check out our web site www.aliveandkickingskegness.co.uk




A Guide to Skegness

The Best of all that Skegness has to offer

Your On Line Guide.

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Miscellaneous Business Services

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Camping locations in Skegness area

Camping Facilities

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Caravan Holidays & Svs. Skeg. Ingoldmells Chapel St. Leonards & Mablethorpe

Annandale Park Winthorpe Skegness
Clemco Caravan Sales - Ingoldmells.
Garden Caravan Park - Seathorne - Skegness.
Golden Beach Caravan Park - Ingoldmells.
Haven House Farm - Wainfleet
Ingoldale Holiday Park - Ingoldmells
Mablethorpe Chalet Park - Mablethorpe
North Shore Holiday Centre - Skegness
Skegness Water Leisure Park - Ingoldmells
Summerlands Corner Park
Tomlinsons Leisure - Chapel St. Leonards

Tomlinsons Caravan Sales
Walsh's Holiday Caravan Park
Windfarm Park - Burgh le Marsh


Caravan Storage

Carastore East
Skegness Grain Ltd (Caravan Storage)

Top Yard Park - Croft - Skegness
Skegness Water Leisure Park
Windfarm Park - Burgh le Marsh

Caravan Accessories / Servicing / Repairs

Lincolnshire Caravans Ltd


Caravan Holidays & Svs. Skeg. Ingoldmells & Chapel St. Leonards





Caravan Services including:

Caravan Holidays
Touring Locations
Caravan Holiday Homes
Associated Services

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  Skegness & Support for Disabled / Elderly visitors.

Woodside Care Home -Skegness Woodside specialises in both residential and holiday Care Home accommodation.

Lincolnshire Coast Web Site - selectable listing of accommodation with facilities for disabled visitors.




Residential Care Homes

Retirement Homes

Holiday Care Homes

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Hotels Guest Houses and Self Catering venues in Skegness and local Countryside - Global

 A - G

Aldor Hotel - Skegness
Auntie Ruth's Guest House - Skegness
Aura Guest House - Mablethorpe
Balmoral Hotel - Skegness
Beach Court Holiday Apts - Skegness
Beachlands Holiday Flats - Skegness
Beachlands Hotel - Skegness
Belle View Hotel - Skegness
Cannon Guesthouse - Mablethorpe
Coart Royal Holiday Apts - Skegness
Coasters Holiday Apts - Skegnesss
Carmelle Hotel - Skegness
Carron House Hoilday Apts - Skegness
Cedars Hotel - Skegness
Chalfonts Hotel - Skegness
Clarence House B & B - Chapel St. Leonards
Clarence House Hotel - Skegness
Clumber House - Skegness
Craigside Hotel - Skegness
Dalyway Hotel - Skegness
Englemere Guest House - Skegness
Fairview Holiday Apts - Skegness
Grafton Hotel - Skegness
Grand Hotel - Skegness
Greystones Hotel - Skegness

H - Z

Havenhouse Farm - Wainfleet
Hoylake Guest House - Skegness
Island Holiday Apts - Skegness
Ivernia Hotel- Skegness
Ivydene Hotel - Skegness
Karema Private Hotel - Skegness
Knighton Lodge Hotel - Skegness
Lazydays Guesthouse - Skegness
The Leisure (Hotel) - Skegness
Lyndene Holiday Apts - Skegness
Lyndsay Guesthouse - Skegness
Mayfair Hotel - Skegness
Mickleton Guesthouse - Skegness
Northdale Hotel - Skegness
North Parade Hotel - Skegness
Northshore Holiday Centre - Skegness
Olivia (The) Chapel St Leonards - Skegness
Philmar Guest House - Skegness
Premier Hotel - Skegness
Quality Holiday Apts - Skegness
Quorn Hotel - Skegness
Royal Hotel - Skegness
Rufford Hotel - Skegness
Sandgate Hotel - Skegness
Serena Court Hotel - Skegness
Sherwood Lodge Hotel - Skegness
Singlecote Hotel - Skegness
Skegness Water Leis. Park - Ingoldmells - Skegness
Southview Holiday Flats - Skegness
Springfield Hol. Apts - Skegness
Spinney Lodge Hol. Apts - Skegness
Stepping Stones - Skegness
Suro Holiday Apts - Skegness
Sunningdale Hotel - Skegness
Sunnyside Guest House - Skegness
THE ONE 02 - Skegness
Tomlinsons Leisure - Chapel St Leonards
Tudor Lodge - Skegness
Welcome Hotel - Skegness
White Lodge Guesthouse - Skegness

For more detail - See Also...........

Self Catering Accommodation
Caravan Accommodation
Countryside Accommodation
Larger Hotels
Smaller Hotels / Guest Accommodation
Guest Houses

Accommodation Search




Serviced Accommodation in Skegness District

See Also

Self Catering Accommodation

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Property Services (Sale / Rent) - Skegness

Hildreds Shopping Centre - Shopping Mall - Skegness .


Property For Sale

Property to rent

Commercial Property

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Shopping In Skegness 


Retail Outlets in Skegness

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Quality Self Catering Holiday Apartments.
& Bungalow Holidays




Self Catering Holiday Accommodation

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Misc. Organisations

Blue Watch - Skegness - the unofficial web site of the Fire Fighters of Blue Watch, Skegness Fire Station



Other Organisations

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Taxi & Transport Services

Established local taxi company - also offering long distance door to door holiday transport.

Airport transfers and long distance holiday or business transport.

Skegness Taxi Owners Association



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Classic Mini Spares & Components

Vast range of spares, components and expert advice. Restoration service available.

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